Powder Files : Getting Deep at Snowbird with Zeppelin Zeerip

Recent storm systems, fueled by an atmospheric river, have steam-rolled across much of the country, producing insane amounts of snow at many resorts. Snow totals have been so high, that some areas have already exceeded their average snow totals for the entire season.  This is true for Snowbird, located in Utah, up Little Cottonwood Canyon, who’s received over 211” of snow this year and well over four feet this past week alone.

When the reports started to percolate that this storm was lining up, we beelined it over to the Bird, just in time to catch some of the super deep fresh. We nailed it timing-wise, rode during two super stormy days, and had one hell of a bluebird pow day. Snowbird rider, Zeppelin Zeerip, got it good throughout the storm, so we linked with him and chatted about how insane conditions have been so far.

Check all out our chat with Zeppelin below, and let us know where you’re getting it good in the comments.

Tell us about this recent cycle,  just how good has it been at Snowbird?

The Bird was insane this week. I missed the entire Christmas storm when I went home to Michigan, so this was my chance to rebate it. Everyday was free refills; I hit things I’d never even looked at as possibilities, and got to go up on my first ‘early tram’ to film.

When was the last time you rode this deep of snow in the Wasatch?

Every year since I moved to the Wasatch in 2012, things have been pretty lackluster. But this past month has delivered the most snow I’ve ever seen in a four week window. Every night I check wasatchsnowforecast.com before bed and subsequently have to tell my partners at WZRD Media that I’m going to be a bit late for work.

What was the overall vibe like on this powder day, was everyone frothing, all out for themselves, or was it a more mellow vibe, and share-in-the-stoke type of a day?

Most of the storm came through on weekdays, so that was a blessing. Weekends at Snowbird can get pretty hectic with people jockeying for position in the lift lines, but the crowds get cut way down and the attitude is much more laid back during the week. We were certainly frothing hard this week.

What are the best parts about Snowbird on a powder day?

The best part is showing up to the marketing department, having Brian [Brown] give me a hot cup of coffee, a GoPro and then eating croissants in the tram club. Just kidding! The best part is getting to the top of the tram, looking over Little Cottonwood Canyon, seeing Superior to the north, the Pfeiferhorn to the west, and Timpanogos to the south. There’s nothing quite like seeing that view before dropping into the cirque and it gives me the feels every time.

What zones do you typically like to ride at the Bird on the pow day?

That’s akin to asking someone for the pin number to their debit card. If I told you, well, I wouldn’t, simple as that.

It looks like more snow is on the way, what are your thoughts about this recent massive storm system?

I’m hoping people are smart if they’re heading out of bounds, with this much fresh and dense new snow and would advise everyone to stay inbounds and play it safe for a few days. Other than that, I hope mother nature keeps the nozzle on and that the Wasatch keeps stacking up!

Anything else?

If you’re heading to the resort, please carpool! Also, head over to Protect our Winter to learn how you can help take action to fight climate change.

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